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EIE Offerings

Strong relationships with solutions and technologies

EIE has developed strong relationships with solution and technology companies in order to provide comprehensive solutions to clients that consistently meet their business needs. Collaborating with a select group of solution and technology partners, EIE gains access to emerging solutions and technologies that enable our team to stay at the forefront of innovation.

POS Solutions (Point of Sales)

We provide expertise in setting up new or upgrade of customer’s POS to keep business owners ahead of the game with inventory management, staff management and live reporting system for single and multi-location businesses. We provide a quick, intuitive, secure and integrated system to meet customer’s business demands in a highly competitive market.

DDOS Solution

Working with selected local partners of a long time leader in DDoS defence, we offer solutions to fight against malicious internet attacks, protecting our customer’s organizations from threats to their websites, services and branding. We empower our customers to focus on their business, to ensure that their online business is always on.

Inventory Solutions

Partnering with a local solution developer, we are able to provide comprehensive inventory management solution from outlet/store inventory to warehousing inventory.

Backup Data Solutions

We provide our customers a cheaper alternatives to back up their data via cloud. Without any appliances, the cost of back up the data will be more cost effective.

Technical services

Our services include setup and implementation as well as after sales support of our solutions . We provide customers with the operational efficiency needed giving them a peace of mind to focus on their businesses.